November 25, 2010

Sizzling Sausages & Sumptuous Sandwiches to Raise $1,653 for Brainchild Foundation

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In the pouring rain with only the truly dedicated farmers and bargain hunters attending a recent clearing sale at Glen Echo, Bambling Rural raised a total of $1,653 for the Brainchild Foundation by running a sausage sizzle and canteen. 

The Brainchild Foundation is a charitable organisation established in 2010 by a group of medical professionals, dedicated parents and friends of children who are affected by brain and spinal cord tumours.  The clearing sale was held by Bambling Rural in conjunction with Sullivan’s Livestock and Rural Services and was attended by approximately 250 people.  Over $125,000 worth of farm machinery was sold on the day to both local farmers and others who had travelled as far as Yarraman to attend. 

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The canteen for the sale was organised by Amanda Bambling of Bambling Rural specifically to raise funds for the Brainchild Foundation providing a sausage sizzle, sandwiches, cake and drinks for those attending the sale. 

Amanda and John Bambling of Bambling Rural recently made the decision to sponsor Brainchild Foundation as their charity of choice and to help with raising awareness and fundraising activities in their local community to help beat childhood brain tumours and to ensure better tomorrows for affected children.   

Amanda Bambling said ‘After much research, it became clear that the Brainchild Foundation was the only organisation in Australia that specifically raises funds for research into causes and treatments of childhood brain tumours as well as providing support to affected children and their families’.  

‘Brainchild provides a much needed resource for families to go to for financial assistance while their child is in hospital as well as providing scholarships for tutors to assist children with any learning difficulties resulting from treatment for their tumours.’ 

Amanda went on to say ‘We have a wonderful community here in Gympie and the surrounding districts, made clear by the overwhelming generosity towards our fundraiser which included an effort to fill a giant whisky bottle with small change.

We couldn’t believe how many people put notes instead of change in the bottle in support of Brainchild, and we thank all of those people who donated so generously.’ She also said ‘For all of those people wondering how we were going to get the notes out of the bottle without breaking it, we found a wire coat hanger did the trick!’ 

‘We would also like to thank those very special people of our community who volunteered their time to help for such a good cause without whom it all would not happen.  A big thank you to the star helpers, Sonia Lynch, Kellie Nalder, Melinda Meerman, Melissa Payne, Tom Bambling, Edward Bambling and Neil Sharpe who served the hungry crowd with sausages and sandwiches regardless of the wind and rain.  A big thank you also to Geoff Buckley Butcher, Stewart Terrace Gympie for donating 100 delicious beef sausages for the day. ‘ 

‘In total we raised $1,653 which included proceeds from the canteen, fill the bottle donations and proceeds donated from a tractor slasher and a solar hot water system sold at the clearing sale, which Bambling Rural has forwarded to the Brainchild Foundation.’Amanda said. 

For more information about Brainchild and how you can help contact Amanda Bambling on 0408 846 140 or visit the website at

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